About Our Group Leaders

Neil Bond

Neil is passionate about IFS, NVC and exploring what is happening in the present moment. He divides his time between group process work, personal IFS work and playing with his grandchildren. He has witnessed and experienced the tranformational power of being truly seen and strives to create a safe space where all parts are welcome. For him, it is clear there are no bad parts and everyone is doing their best to connect and belong. He holds a masters degree in counseling psychology that combines the Humanistic approach with his mindfulness practice.



Brandon Rennels

Brandon is a dedicated father, mindfulness facilitator, and an experienced group leader. He has led Teacher Training for a global mindfulness & emotional intelligence organization, personally mentoring hundreds of aspiring teachers over the years. As an ordained student of the late Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Brandon learned early on that embodying compassionate curious presence brings out the best in oneself and others. Interactive IFS Groups were foundational to his own healing journey through anxiety and depression, and he considers it an honor to hold this space for others. 


Steph Stern

Steph is a facilitator, transformational coach and Certified Internal Family Systems practitioner. She works with clients individually, facilitates group workshops, and also supports organizations to bring emotional intelligence and candid feedback to their work culture. Overcoming long-held patterns of conflict-avoidance, Steph has learned to see tension as a path to deeper truth and connection. She appreciates the Interactive IFS Group format to be a sandbox for this form of relational skill building. She loves supporting people to cultivate self-compassion and tune to their inner compass, and has a special fondness for inner critics. 
You can find more about Steph at: stephstern.com