Bring hope and precision to your work by focusing on the qualities you want as well as the parts that get in the way.

About Capacity Enhancement

Capacity Enhancement focuses on the healthy capacities that will permit you to live your life more fully, joyfully, and effectively.

Capacities such as Intimacy, Self-Confidence, Strength, Compassion, Spontaneity, Life Purpose Awareness, Respect for Parts, Attunement, and many more.

You work on developing each capacity by:

  1. Understanding the capacity
  2. Doing IFS work on the parts of you that get in the way of the capacity
  3. Cultivating the capacity 
  4. Practicing the capacity in your life

Learn how to integrate capacities into the IFS process to make it even more powerful.

Develop a wide range of capacities to enhance your life.

Learn how capacities contribute to fostering therapeutic change in IFS.