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Interactive Group Institute

We offer Interactive IFS Groups led by Jay Earley, PhD and leaders who have been trained by him. We also offer training in leading Interactive IFS Groups. Click here for an article for professionals on Interactive IFS Groups.

Interactive IFS Groups

Interpersonal feedback and authentic relating leads to intimacy

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Interactive IFS Group LeaderĀ Training

Professional training in leading Interactive IFS Groups

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Interactive IFS Group LeaderĀ Didactic Training

Didactic teaching about leading Interactive IFS Groups

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Supervision on Groups

Supervision on Interactive Groups You are Leading

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What People Are Saying About InteractiveĀ Groups

Dr. F. Towne Allen

As a veteran of 30 years of therapies and groups, I have experienced both the mediocre and the masterful in the psychotherapy profession. Never before in such a short time have I received so much growth, power, nurturing, conflict and resolution as I have in Jay’s interactive group. My expectations, already high, have been far exceeded. Jay is consistently present, vulnerable, ego-less, accepting, challenging, available, and impersonally caring. What I had hoped to learn for my clients has been given to me in greater measure personally. Jay’s model is learnable and adaptable. It has affected my psychotherapy work and life.


Carolyn Hinman, JD, CCHT

I am so grateful for this offering from Jay and the opportunity to deepen and expand my understanding of IFS (which I adore).  Jay has structured the class so thoughtfully, resulting in a wonderfully safe and respectful container for learning and processing.  In addition, he presents a deliciously comprehensive curriculum, and best of all, invaluable demonstrations each session.  This is pure gold.  On top of all of this, Jay has assembled a fantastic group of practitioners as participants, whom–thanks to Jay’s video-conferencing wizardry–I can see and interact with in a way that feels intimate and dynamic.


Michaela Schiesser
Coach, Founder of Inner Journey Seminars

The Advanced IFS class with Jay has become a staple of my continued professional education. The IFS material Jay presents is very relevant and directly applicable to my daily practice in coaching clients. He has an encouraging and embracing teaching style and extensive knowledge and experience, which makes the class not a duty but a joy. I also really enjoy connecting with the group members during session exchanges for homework.


Marla Silverman
PhD., Dir of Training, NY Gestalt Center 

Jay Earley is a thinker, doer, and trainer in the practice of Gestalt group work. His training groups and workshops have been taken by therapists and trainers from all the major Gestalt training centers in the New York area. California’s gain is New York’s loss! Whether you want to learn how to do group therapy or be a participant, Jay’s gentle style and unique approach will make the difference.