Products: Demonstration IFS Sessions

These are recordings of demonstrations of IFS sessions conducted by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW, and Jay Earley, PhD., to help you learn how IFS works. They are useful for professionals who want to learn more about using IFS with your clients. They are also useful for people who want to learn how to do IFS sessions on themselves, especially in conjunction with reading Self-Therapy or taking our IFS courses.

We have split them into the following categories, to help you find what you are looking for. You can also order a bundle of all the demo sessions from any of these categories.


IFS Sessions on Inner Critics

These demonstration sessions show how to work with Inner Critic parts.

In IFS terms, Inner Critics are protectors that use self-judgment as a strategy for protecting you. In working with Critics, a cluster of other parts is often triggered, which includes the Criticized Child and the Inner Defender. Our IFS Inner Critic work is described in our book Freedom From Your Inner Critic. For more information or to purchase products, click here.



IFS Sessions

These session illustrate the use of IFS with clients dealing with a variety of issues.  They are offered to help you learn how to work with your own parts. For more information or to purchase products, click here.



Steps in the IFS Process

These demonstration sessions were recorded during Basic IFS phone classes and are intended help you learn how to work with your own parts. They illustrate steps in the IFS process as outlined in Self-Therapy by Jay Earley. For more information or to purchase products, click here.



Demonstrations of Therapy Sessions on Eating-Related Issues

These six demonstrations of therapy sessions with clients with eating-related issues present  work with a range of issues that commonly present themselves with clients that have conflicts about food-related behaviors. The first B16 is a touching session with a new IFS client  that explores the typical Controller-Indulger polarity and heals three protected exiles.  B17 is an experienced client who wants to activate the Inner Champion aspect of Self. She explores the beliefs of the Controller and the Bag Lady exile that it is protecting. In healing the exile she creates a lovely environment where there are no expectations. There are 3 sessions (B18-20) with the same client who is dealing with a Foggy Part and a People-Pleaser Part that separate her from contact with her own needs. These provide an opportunity to listen to work with a client from different angles of the same problem over time. Click here to learn more or purchase.



Each of the above topics has a bundle of all resources available when you click to see each list of topics.

You can also purchase the full bundle of all IFS Demonstration sessions by clicking here.

What people are saying …


As a clinician, I found the IFS Recorded Demonstration Sessions really helpful. I transcribed Bonnie and Jay’s portion of the dialog in the audio, and that helped me better absorb the flow of the sessions and how they phrased things. I am very grateful that this quality of learning is available and at such an affordable cost.
~ Therapist, Cambridge MA


I have taken the IFS Level 1 training, and I’m always trying to stay sharp in my clinical skills. I really appreciate Bonnie and Jay making these Demonstration Sessions available.  I listen to an audio session, store it on my computer, and come back to it again when I am stuck with a client in that particular area. It’s one thing to read about an IFS technique–it’s another to experience it by listening to seasoned practitioners like Bonnie and Jay.  It helps me to continue my professional growth.
~ Elizabeth Galanti


I have been hearing about IFS therapy for a number of years, but have been procrastinating and not taking action. Listening to these masterful demos has made me feel more comfortable, and actually excited about the process. I’m in….I made the call, and have started my work.
~ Management Consultant, Housten, TX


I really enjoy the recorded IFS demonstration sessions from Bonnie and Jay. I go back to them again and again in order to listen to the fine details that are so powerful in working with the IFS model. They are great teachers and their clarity is very helpful in the demos and their written material. I often use the demonstrations with my clients and in supervision in order to introduce and teach the model.
~ Ruth Golan, M.A., MSC, MSW